M2 Engine Controller

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The Observant M2 Engine Controller is an electronic protection and control system for diesel and petrol engines. It can work as a stand-alone, or as part of the Observant Remote Monitoring Solution.

You can link the M2 with an Observant telemetry product via an industry standard RS485/Modbus communications interface to give you fully automated control. And in addition to timer-based control, you can use sensor inputs from remote sites to start, stop or set the speed of the engine.

The M2 can also work locally with a range of standard automotive sensors, such as RPM, engine oil pressure and water temperature. You can add these sensors to provide a fully configurable, engine fault-shutdown and alert system. You can also use sensors for fuel level, water pressure and flow to increase diagnostic capability.

Engine speed can be controlled using an optional throttle control kit. You can set the speed remotely and locally, and engine warm and cool-at-idle periods to reduce wear and tear. You can also control power to ancillary equipment such as electric pumps and heaters using a pair of fully adjustable auxiliary outputs.

All Observant products are designed with safety in mind. An emergency stop switch and a 100+ decibel pre-start warning siren are standard features of the M2.

The M2 can also use an optional solar-charger kit to charge the engine battery, which means the battery is healthy at all times. It can also operate in the harshest of Australian climates, and features robust environment, chemical and pest protection.

Using IP65+ rated fittings, door seals and cable conduit means you can install the M2 with minimum additional hardware, while maintaining maximum environmental integrity.

The Observant M2 is covered by a three year warranty and backed with unparalleled after sales service.

Product Specifications

  • Assembled 380mm (h) x 150mm (d) x 200mm (w)
  • Weight 10kg
  • Outdoor, vandal resistant, environmentally sealed
  • 2 x sealed 25mm conduit entry glands
  • 2 x internal DIN rail mounts for additional equipment
Local Indication and Control
  • Start/stop push button
  • 8 x LED status indicators
8 x Analog/Digital Inputs
  • Compatible with resistive, pulse or contact sensors
  • Configurable for shutdown or control
  • Usage examples:
    • Shutdown or control on pump flow, pressure and prime
    • Engine oil pressure
    • Engine water temperature
    • Fuel level
    • Coolant level
2 x 20 Amp Relay Outputs
  • Starter control
  • Ignition/fuel solenoid or rack puller
2 x 7.5 Amp Relay Output
  • Configurable timed on/off relative to engine state
  • Remotely controlled
  • Usage examples:
    • Glow plug (pre-heat)
    • Electric pump
    • Pump priming systems
    • Clutch actuation
Speed Sensing and Control
  • Hall effect, inductive, magneto RPM sensing options
  • Bi-directional driver for optional electric throttle actuator
  • Configurable number of triggers per revolution
  • Remotely adjustable speed set-point
  • Separate idle speed set-point for warm-up and cool-down periods
  • Compatible with 12/24 VDC systems
  • Low power <50 mA standby current
  • Integrated engine battery charger and solar panel option
Occupational Health and Safety
  • Latching emergency stop button
  • 103 dB remote start warning siren
Serial Communications Interface
  • RS485
  • Modbus RTU
  • Access to system status, command and configuration:
    • Remote start, stop and timed run
    • Engine state and speed
    • Input state and analog measurements
    • Relay output currents
    • Fault status
    • Engine hour counter
    • Battery and solar panel voltages
    • Battery charge current
    • Fuse monitoring

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